We are a creative video production company with a focus of making advertisement films, located in Istanbul.

Our aim is to bring agencies' and brand team's ideas to life as fast as possible, using the latest technologies available considering the ideal circumstances and your main purpose.

Our strategy is to combine experience and knowledge, fuel our energy with the thrill of the first day while working with friends who are the expert in their own fields.

We have a habit to observe the world, determine a trend and follow the next.The budget of our customers is always spent right and taking necessities in consideration.

If you would like to become a member of this family consists of precious brands we serve for, contact us and bring your dream project to life instantly.

Terra Film Production


Murathan started from the lower ranks at successful Turkish production companies in 1997, and practiced in various areas in the field by assuming tasks in all positions offered to him. Until today, his most important principle has been the fact that investment in people is paramount. He went beyond borders and underwent the sacred stages of communication to reach people at home and abroad, and with his experience at important production companies of Turkey, he established Terra Film in 2009. When working on successful productions, it would be best if you do not make us say “So, what are we waiting for?”


Ferda worked at various departments at several media companies. With her creative approach and strong memory, she has been one of the building blocks of the team since its foundation. Besides her contribution to the current position of Terra Film, she is also the person who named the company. She establishes her team with people who regard team work above anything else... With her sharp observation skills, she keeps all stages of the production chain in her mind. Be careful when she says “Life is maths.” Attention.

MELİH BİLDİREN, iş geliştirme

He completed numerous projects on Sales, Marketing and Marketing Communication at leading companies of Turkey. Do not be fooled by his easygoing attitude, since behind his attitude is a workaholic and a project monster. He travels around the world, and writes about his impressions. Listen well when he says “I’ll tell you a story”! In November 2016, he came to add to the strength of TERRA family.


After graduating from Bilgi University, Department of Cinema and Television, he worked in post-production processes at various companies. In 2016, he joined the team of Terra Film as the post production supervisor. He never misses out on innovation and brings a new point of view to productions. Do not be fooled by his humble appearance, since he turns into a eagle when editing. Close followers of Terra often take pains to copy his editing work...

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